A History of Questa

From Our Hearts and Minds

Los Pobladores de Questa/The Founders of Questa—J.P. Rael
Don Diego Vigil—J.P. Rael
Floyd Hamblen, the Boy That Grew Up in Questa—J.P. Rael
A New Frontier—Tessie Rael de Ortega

From the Record—Judith Cuddihy

An Introductory Note
Ancient Geological Events Formed Our Landscape
Before the Spanish Entrada—Evidence of Clovis, Folsom, and Oshara/Upper Rio Grande Cultures in Questa area
The Spanish Entrada and Northern New Spain—The Colonial Period
Outside Influences—Exploration, Mapping, and the Fur Trade
Vecinos on the Northern Frontier
The Cañon del Rio Colorado Land Grant
The San Antonio del Rio Colorado Land Grant
The U.S. Army of the West Arrives in New Mexico—Territorial Times in Rio Colorado
John Fremont, the Pathfinder, Comes to Rio Colorado
Indian Depredations on Rio Colorado Continue
More Arrivals and Visitors in Rio Colorado

Mineral Resources Are Found Near Rio Colorado
The Indian Threat Ends
The Railroad Comes to Northern New Mexico
Petitions to Validate the Cañon del Rio Colorado Land Grant
Petitions to Validate the San Antonio del Rio Colorado Land Grant

New Mining in and around Questa
The 20th Century Comes to Questa

The Cycle of Birth, Life, and Death—Tessie Rael de Ortega

The Church

El Oratorio de Dona Estefana—J.P. Rael
Los Hermanos, La Morada, y el Calvario—J.P. Rael
Our Church of San Antonio—Tessie Rael de Ortega
Customs for Betrothal and Marriage

Everyday Life in the 1920s to 1940s—Tessie Rael de Ortega

Our Water
Our Houses
How We Made Soap
Women’s Work
Our Food
Our Stores
Our Schools
Our Dichos
Work and Play in Questa
Health and Sickness in Questa
Odds and Ends
The End of the Trail for Horse and Buggy
—J.P. Rael


A Brief Rael Family History
A Brief Ortega Family History
19th and early 20th Century Questa Names
Questa Area Timeline

Additional Reading

Questa from 40 miles up...
Questa from 40 miles up…

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