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Questa area timeline

Questa area timeline.

  • 300 million years ago Area covered by shallow ocean
  • 36–25 million years ago Sangre de Cristo Mountains formed, Rio Grande Rift
    begins to form
  • 26 million years ago Volcanic eruption forming Questa caldera; uplifted floor
    of caldera later forms Virsylvia, Venado, Pinabete, and Cabresto Peaks during post-Miocene period
  • 10–2 million years ago Volcanic activity continues in the Questa area
  • 1.6 million years ago Glaciers cover Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Questa
    caldera area
  • Native Americans in this area for about 9000 years
  • 1540 First Europeans in Taos area, including exploratory party of Coronado expedition from Mexico led by Captain Hernando de Alvarado
  • 1598 First permanent settlement in New Mexico at San Juan de los Caballeros under Don Juan de Oñate; first Franciscan mission in New Mexico
  • 1615 First Spanish settlers
  • 1626 First Catholic mission San Geronimo de Taos at Taos Pueblo
  • 1680 Pueblo rebellion pushes Spanish out of New Mexico area
  • 1692 Don Diego de Vargas reconquers New Mexico area
  • 1696 Resettlement of Taos Valley area
  • 1700s Raids by Commanches, Utes, Navajos
  • 1750 Trade fairs at Taos Pueblo for Plains and Pueblo indians, traders from Mexico and Spain
  • 1802 Louisiana Purchase; arrival of trappers in area
  • 1805–1818 First Questa-area settlers
  • 1815 First Questa-area land grant
  • 1818 or 1842 First Questa-area baptism records
  • 1821 Mexico independent from Spain
  • 1829 House built by Don Francisco Laforet near river
  • 1830 Don Benito and four other pioneers settle area (Frank Garcia account)
  • 1835 Families come up from Taos to farm Questa area in summers;
  • 1836 Cañon del Rio Colorado land grant; first church built (Frank Garcia account)
  • 1842 Petition of 35 families for grant for San Antonio del Rio Colorado
  • 1842 Possession granted on January 19 by Juan Antonio Martinez, Justice of the Peace, Rio Arriba County—San Antonio del Rio Colorado Tract no. 76
  • 1845 Soldiers sent to Rio Colorado area after Cheyenne raiders killed shepherds and stole sheep

  • 1846 United States war against Mexico; United States invades New Mexico area

  • 1846 General Kearney occupies New Mexico area; Captain Lloyd Beall and troops in Rio Colorado area to protect against Indian marauders

  • 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends war; upholds Spanish land grants

  • 1849 Approximately 100 families living in Rio Colorado area

  • 1851 New Mexico a territory of the United States

  • 1851–1887 San Antonio del Rio Colorado grant disputed by U.S. Land Office

  • 1861–1862 Texas Confederate troops enter New Mexico; are fought off by Federal troops from Colorado and California

  • 1866 Gold discovered in Elizabethtown area, Red River New Mexico a state

  • 1873 New church built in Questa

  • 1880 St Anthony’s Parish Church built in Questa (Library of Congress Record)

  • 1880s Rural school system begins in Questa

  • 1883 Questa U.S. Post Office established on March 12th;first postmaster Lee Hamblin changes name of San Antonio del Rio Colorado to Questa

  • 1898 Ernest Blumenschein’s and Bert Phillips’ wagon breaks down just south of Questa; they get wheel fixed in Taos and Phillips stays to found Taos Art Colony; Blumen- schein returns to Taos later

  • 1912 The Llano Irrigation Corporation formed by Floyd Hamblen, Salomon Rael, and Leonides Trujillo

  • 1913 Bridge built across Red River in Questa

  • 1914 Beginning of building better road from Taos to Questa

  • 1914 Molybdenum discovered in Red River Canyon by pros- pector named Fahy; he stakes claim

  • 1920 Molybdenum Corporation of America acquires claims in Sulphur Gulch

  • 1923 Moly mine opens

  • 1930 Better road built from Taos to Questa

  • 1934 First WWI vets burial in Jose Antonio Mondragon Cemetery “El Pueblito”

  • 1935 Questa centennial celebration

  • 1940s Towers added to St. Anthony’s Church; first health clinic in Questa

  • 1942 Msgr. Glenn Patrick Smith the first resident pastor in Questa; first radio in Questa, a Victrola with horn

  • 1947 Electricity comes to Questa

  • 1950s First public water system

  • 1959 Town sewers built; first fire truck in Questa; J.L. Cisneros is first Fire Chief

  • 1964 Open pit mining begins at Moly Mine

  • June 1964 Village of Questa incorporated, first mayor is Marcelino Martinez

  • 1965 Questa Independent Schools

  • 1966 New school built

  • 1982-1983 Sewers built

  • 1985 Underground mining begins at Moly Mine

  • 1988 First modern fiesta