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Odds and Ends

There weren’t any phones but news got around...

Now that is raining, I remember that when I was 10 or so it would rain a lot in July and August. Few people had pitch roofs, maybe 8 families. The rest, their home would leak a lot. Some put a tarp on the top of the table so they would not get wet. Some went to the church. They would stay in the room they had for the priest when he came to serve Mass. That room to the east in the Church. My dad would go for tia Jesuscita and her family and tia Eufemio and family. We really had fun then. We would tell brujas tales and adevismos all night, laugh and sing. When it stopped raining, they would go home.

A lot of people believed in witches. One time there was an owl in an apple tree. It was making the noise the owls made so this man in town by the Church got his gun, shot at it, hit it on a wing. The next day a lady had an arm broken so that was the witch on his tree trying to bewitch them.

They would see a lot of balls of fire at the vegas at the Cienega and they were witches having dances. My parents didn’t let us believe in witches.

There weren’t any phones but news got around.

One time in about 1929 or 1930 there came a man into our store. He said the Feds are coming, they are at Arroyo Hondo.

There was a man in the store and took off right away. We (the children of the neighborhood) followed him. He was going real fast when we got to his pig pens after him the pigs and chickens were all drunk falling down. He had given them the moonshine he was making.

It was so funny to see the pigs and chickens all drunk. They couldn’t do anything because they didn’t find any moonshine. There weren’t any bars at the time so they made “mula”.

There were some young men in the late 20s and early 30s. They would steal candy, chips, and money from the store almost every day. Finally my Dad got tired of it and one day he chased up the town, got them, and gave them a good kicking. Nobody complained.